Welfare Reform Act Hcr 230

Topics: Welfare, Workfare, Medicaid Pages: 3 (1054 words) Published: November 16, 2012
The Welfare Reform Act
Today I will be discussing the Welfare Reform Act and if it has caused existing Medicaid beneficiaries to lose needed coverage and if the welfare act has kept eligible Medicaid candidates from enrolling. Also I will discuss whether or not the welfare reform act has been effective in reducing welfare fraud, increasing personal goals, and basically if it has been able to successfully meet its goals that it had been intended to meet. Welfare Reform Act was established in 1996 with the intentions of changing the social welfare policy of the country. The idea was to reduce the number of people or families that were dependent on government assistance while at the same time helping these people become more independent. They have the welfare to work program which required work in exchange for time limited financial assistance, which is part of the reform act. Also they Job Search which are classes that give people the basic skills that they never had before. For example the taught people how to dress for job interviews, fill out an application correctly, make a resume and how to speak when at a job interview. Teaching them what kinds of questions are asked and how to answer them. There debates about how well the welfare programs work but at least people have more education on the steps needed to get a job. However the initial welfare programs are out dated and needed to be reformed since no programs ever will seem to be able to meet every need of every low income or underprivileged individual or family, more reforms are needed even still. However, “within 3 years of the reforms enactment, millions of Americans had moved from being dependent on welfare to being self-sufficient. In addition, agencies reported a reduction in the number of social welfare cases.” In 2004, the Welfare-to-Work program ended, but during the time this program was active millions of Americans lives were changed for the better (US Welfare System-Help for US Citizens, 2012)....
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