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Topics: Consultative selling, Dishware, Chennai Pages: 8 (2626 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Panipuri/Golgappa – A spicy research

Introduction :

Panipuri is the most common street food in India and a dish which is very much Indian .Its origin is most commonly traced to the magadh region in the state of Uttar Pradesh and is referred by different names in different regions e.g. Pani k patashe in haryana , Fulki in Central India , Golgappa in Delhi etc . However the most common name is Panipuri which I shall be using here on. It is a very high selling item with nominal costs and high returns . A deeper insight into the business model of selling this very common eatable showcases the immense economic potential which lies in it . Its not just a cheap product available by the roadside which can be deduced from the fact that it has penetrated the market in almost all the segments from the Weekly markets to posh malls . It has evolved with time and managed to keep up with consumer sentiments through a variety of external factors like hygiene,presentation , customized ingredients . There is a clear cut strategy in place which I could observe , a strategy that works perfectly and bridges the gap between consumer expectations and satisfaction effectively. The product is omnipresent and caters to all sections of society. The pricing varies by vast amounts according to the locations and regions but still the model works perfectly fine . I am a die hard panipuri fan and the first thing that I did on my first recce of Chennai was to look for a decent panipuri wala . I had very minimalistic expectations since I know that Panipuri or Golgappa is not very much famous in this part of India . But my visit to Marina beach had paid off and I found dozens of them ready to satiate my taste buds . I have had panipuri almost in all the prominent parts of the country . So I made it very clear in my mind that this was the topic I wanted to explore to find out how this dish has survived over decades and still remains the hot favourite when it comes to street food.

Product Overview :
The most prominent factor about this dish is that people are ready to compromise on the hygiene and literally stand in queues to get their share . It’s the most affordable item in the chat lineup and is delivered fresh to the customer . It is highly customizable as per the customer’s needs like the sweet one’s for kids , filling type , amount of spice . The delivery time is quite less and at an average 5-6

customers are handled simultaneously. an average plate has 6 pieces in it . There are toppings available as per the consumer preferences like onions ,boondi or sev as its commonly called . This is what makes this product so popular , a customer can get his own personalized taste . A perfect example of how customization and personalization of products can satisfy the consumers.Over the time customer expectations like use of mineral water , disposable plates/spoons have added to the cost inputs which in turn has led to increase in prices . Nevertheless the demand has never gone down and its attributed to the unique feature about this product , its taste . The effect is such that the mere reference to panipuri tantalizes the taste buds and increases the craving. This is also a case where the display of product itself is more than enough to attract customers.

Marketing/Advertisement strategy:
Usually the trend is to have a name for the shop , this leaves a clear print on the minds of the customers and they associate the taste with the shop (Illustration 2) . This is for the shops/vendors which are well settled in one place . The recent upsurge in the demand for quality spots in upmarket areas across all the cities has forced these carts/joints towards mobility . Now these shops are localized and spread over all the corners rather than being at a single location (Illustration 3) . The owner very cleverly places his carts where people have to wait like signal crossings . They keep increasing their reach by placing more and more stalls in adjoining...
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