Welfare Drug Testing

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Mary Kate Schuerman
Research Paper
Have you ever wondered who the people are that are getting welfare and what their lives may be like? State legislators have been introducing legislation that require drug-testing people who receive public assistance, including welfare, unemployment, public housing and Medicaid. Some feel people on welfare should be drug tested and others argue it is an invasion of their privacy. 44% say people should be drug tested before receiving aid, and 56% say they should not. Most people refuse to have the money they are working hard for, and the government is giving to them, to be spent on drugs. If a person can afford drugs, they can afford to care for themselves and buy the things they need. Anyone using money from the government should be a clean, productive person. People on welfare should be drug tested since they are receiving help from the government; the least they can do is remain drug-free. While others feel it is unfair to specifically target welfare recipients. This is a very controversial topic.

Many people argue whether drug testing those on welfare is the right thing to do, or that it should not matter; those that need help, should receive help no matter the situation. Regular Drug testing is part of many people’s lives. When starting a new job most companies require a drug test. After gaining employment many companies still require regular screening. Welfare Recipients should be no different. This particular debate goes both ways. People oppose drug testing because it seems to be an invasion of privacy. They also feel that it is violating the Fourth Amendment to be searched without a probable cause. People also fear that they could get a false positive, which is not uncommon. The children could be suffering from the drug testing for welfare law. It is not the children’s fault their parent or guardian uses drugs, so they don’t get the necessities they need. Many also argue the key for people to be clean is to fix the...
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