Welfare Benefits to Families with Young Children and Their Impact

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  • Published : March 30, 2011
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I will be looking at the different range of welfare benefits available to families with young children and the impact this can have. I will be looking at the different sources of advice and guidance relating to welfare benefits in the area and the pro’s and con’s of such services. I will discuss why some families do not claim the full range of benefits available to them. There many benefits the government has made available to families and their children, when someone is expecting a child they are entitled to free milk tokens for fruit and vegetables they are given forms for grants such as maternity grants to buy equipment for new baby and for the mother herself this was £500 but now it has been reduced to £250. Once the child is born families can claim child benefit which is available for everyone and is not means tested as yet and is £20 for the eldest child and about £13.50 for any other children they ma have. There are other benefits such as child tax credits and free school meals which parents can claim how much they get depends on their income and if they don’t work or have a very low income they may be entitled to receive free school meals and help with school uniforms and travel expenses if their children go to school on public transport. Families can also get help with housing if they are on a low income, to pay rent or council tax. There are many more benefits people can apply for such as job seeker allowance for people who are not working, disability living allowance for people with a long time illness or disability also carer benefits for people who look after someone who is sick. These are a few of the benefits that may be available to families with young children to help them so that they can support and bring up their families and are not struggling to make ends meet. Without these benefits they may not be able to provide a good quality of life for themselves and their families. Some benefits are means tested which means that they are assessed on their income to see if they are entitled to get them, these are income support, job seekers allowance, housing benefit, child tax credit, working tax credit or help from the social fund. There are other benefits which families can get called non-contributory benefits such as child benefit, guardians allowance, carers allowance, disability living allowance and attendance allowance. Having these benefits can help families who have young children to buy essentials, also give them a better standard of living because if they are on a low income they might not be able to provide for their families but if they are getting benefits then they can give them things they need and also pay their bills it can give them better opportunities to get a good education and if they get a good education it can lead to better qualifications to get better paying jobs.

There are places that families can go to get advice on the different types of benefits such as the job centre they have trained advisors who can advise people on the different types of benefits available to families with young children. In my area the nearest job centre is,

Job Centre Yardley 1630 Coventry Rd
Telephone no; 0121- 252- 8300
It is open Monday – Friday 9-5
Wednesday 9-12

People can go here to look for jobs and get advice on benefits, it is always busy with lots of young people looking for work or signing on so that they can get paid income support or job seekers allowance. There are advisors who you can make an appointment to see for help with other benefits and help with getting back to work.

There are other places that families can go to get help with welfare benefits such as local places of worship, neighbourhood offices, and citizen’s advice bureau. The neighbourhood office in Small Heath is located on: Coventry Rd

Small heath
Opening times: Monday-Friday: 9.30-3.30
Wednesday: 9.30-12.00

People can also visit the...
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