Welfare Abuse

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  • Published : October 6, 2010
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The Abuse of Welfare
Welfare was established by the Social Security Act of 1935 to help poverty toward children and other dependent people in need of assistance. Money paid by the government to those who are in need of financial assistance, or who are just unable to work because of physical or health reasons. This program helped many people in the Great Depression and still helps families to survive today. The program was invented to help families reenter society, and not for people to entirely depend on it for the rest of their lives or for their own selfish personal needs. The Welfare system’s abuse and manipulation has put a huge damper on our country and it has to stop. Many dependent people rely mainly on welfare for their complete source of income to support their families, rather than finding a job and supporting their family with earned income. My proposal to this whole entire system is that the government should analyze who actually truly needs help and put a stop to our countries abuse and manipulation of the system. The abuse of the Welfare System generates more and more as the kids in these families home’s grows up to use the same system because that’s all they know. Their mothers and fathers did it for years, so the only thing they know is to not work at all and continue the process of this way of living. One of the biggest things that upset me is when someone who is working hard, going to school, trying to support their families; ask for assistance and they are turned down. Not everyone who needs help and assistance sits at home all day thinking of ways to get over on the system. Some of us do work. And as citizens of this country we should as well have the right to ask for help even if we are working, because sometimes we have hard times too. If you look a statistics of low income areas, most of those people are receiving some sort of aid from the government, but if you look even closer most of those people are able to work a 9-5...
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