Welding Engineer

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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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Welding Engineering
I have chosen welding as my future career job just because I have always had the urge for becoming that in life. Takes a lot of patience to accomplish welding and making it to becoming successful at it. My welding teacher in High School, Mr. Rambo taught me everything I know about this career. He has taught me how to mig, tig, and arc weld and a lot more amazing things.

As a starting pay for a welding engineer you can make about 46,000 to 106,000 a year. The more knowledge and experience you have the more money you possibly make of course. People planning careers in welding need, good eyesight and good eye-hand coordination. They should have the ability to concentrate on detailed work for long periods and be physically able to bend, and work in awkward positions. As a Welding Engineer you will find yourself in constant and high demand, since Welding engineers are employed in a wide variety of fields. You can go off and help develop the newest space shuttle, or a dent-resistant car. Welders will always be a high demand when rebuilding bridges, and other huge metals objects in the world they will always succeed.

As welding makes a good amount of money to live off it takes a lot on your health. When breathing in arc fumes here is a list of health problems that you still have either short term or long..asthenia, dry throat and cough, dyspnea, encephalopathy, fatigue, fever, insomnia, lower back pain, malaise, mental confusion, metal fume fever, paralysis, spastic gait, tightness in the chest, vomiting, weakness.

Even thou welding engineering is bad on your health, I wanted to be successful and become something in life and this has been my dream to become and I plan on succeeding until the day I die.
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