Welcoming a New Generation: Millennials

Topics: Generation Y, Generation X, Critical thinking Pages: 3 (738 words) Published: May 16, 2013
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Dr. Carol Elam, Dr. Terry Stratton, and Denise Gibson’s, “Welcoming a New Generation to College: The Millennial Students” introduces the generation that will change companies and the workforce lead by the previous generations. Many generations of different time periods have experienced events leading to common values and behaviors within that generation. There are five generations ranging between the years of 1901-2002: The G.I. (1901-1924), Silent (1925-1942), Boom (1943-1960), Generation X (1961-1981), and Millennial Generation (1982-2002). Each generation leaves behind a culture that is accepted, rejected or modified by the next generation. One generation’s culture is the next generation’s common sense.

Generation X and Millennial students are the majority of today’s college students. The Millennial students have matured in a cultural environment with positive and negative qualities. Some positive qualities include being generous and practical, working on a schedule, multi-tasking and obeying rules. Along with the positives, technology has produced negative effects such as critical thinking skills, interpersonal skills and rote learning.

Parenting has evolved from supportive to almost forceful involvement in their children’s lives during adolescences to college years. Parenting from previous generations used to support their children in higher education emotionally or financially. Today’s Helicopter Parents of Millennial students are overly involved in their children’s life. They are constantly playing an active role in their children’s college life. Today’s Millennial parents are still supporting academic life but have changed from supportive parent to an “aggressively protective parent who assumes an active role in their child’s educational experience” (Pg. 22). These parents will not just sit around waiting for their kids to make the right decisions or accept...
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