Welcome Stranger (English Belonging Related Text)

Topics: Question, Perception, Rhetorical question Pages: 4 (624 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Name of Text:“Welcome Stranger”
Composer &
Date of Publication:Stephanie Dowrick, 2008
Type of Text:Feature Article
What is the text about?
The text basically gets you to question whether you are an includer or excluder. It’s about people fitting in to different groups at all ages.

Identify links to belonging:
What elements of this text explore the concept of belonging? The whole text explores people’s connections to others in different groups and settings and questions our role in our sense of belonging and how we make other’s feel.

Consider the composer’s purpose/intention:
Why do you think the composer made this text?
She’s giving her opinion and trying to persuade her audience to be more inclusive. She is informing her audience of the benefits of being inclusive.

Who is the target audience for this text?
Adult, professional audience.

Identify the mood/tone of the text: (e.g. peaceful, anxious, cynical, hopeful, confused etc...) Critical, serious, persuasive, highly emotive.

Identify forms and features relevant to the concept of belonging: Form and structure: argument, narrative, interview...
Feature Article

Literary techniques: register, alliteration, similes, contrast, repetition, metaphors... Rhetorical question, imagery, appeal to emotions, alliteration, high modality, metaphor.

Visual techniques: colour, layout, reading paths/vectors, modality, camera angles, colour, sound None

How it represents belonging
Do you give much thought to whether you are an “includer” by nature-or not?
Rhetorical QuestionOpening rhetorical question engages the audience my making them stop to think. This article shows the enormous power that we as people have to enrich communities, groups and other peoples’ lives, including our own.

“the image of a child standing alone in a crowded playground”.
Imagery It appeals to our sense of emotions and fear of isolation. It represents a child not...
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