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COURSE OUTLINE Given below is the brief outline of the compulsory and optional papers prescribed for MBA (Full Time) Program. Detailed, unit-wise course content, list of cases, references and latest articles shall be provided to the students by the faculty concerned at the time of the commencement of the course COMPULSORY COURSES MBA CP-101 PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT OBJECTIVES: The concepts and theories incorporated in this course are intended to develop a basic awareness about management functions and various dimensions of behavioral processes in organizational life among the students. Course Contents: Its Nature, Scope and Purpose, Evolution of Management Thought: Scientific Management Theory, Classical Organization Theories, Henry Fayol’s Principles of Management, Human Relations Movement-The Hawthorne Experiments, Concept of System and System Approach, The Contingency Approach to Management. Skills and Roles of a Manager. Concepts of Organizations. Reasons for Organization. Organizations as Purposive Social Unit. Managing Organizational System – Formal and Informal Organizations. Forms of Formal Organization Structure-Line and staff Organization, Functional Organization, Product/ Market Organization, Project Organization and Matrix Organization. Benefits and Cost of Informal Organization Planning – Basic Steps in Planning, Tools and Techniques of Planning. Organizing – Division of work, Span of Management, Coordination Problems and Approaches, Concept and Significance of Delegation, Authority, Accountability and Responsibility. Communication – The Communication Process, Channels of Communication, Formal and Informal Barriers and their remedies for Effective Communication. Controlling – The Meaning and Importance of Control, Steps in Control Process, Types of Control Methods and Sources of Control. Personality – Determinants and Classification. Perception – Perceptual Processes, The Role of Object, Environment and Observer in Perception, Significance of...
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