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  • Published : January 11, 2013
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Sample Welcome Letter from the Manager

[An Informal Sample Welcome Letter]

When you’re welcoming a new employee to your organization, a welcome letter from the manager can set the tone for the entire relationship. You can make the welcome letter formal or informal but it can go a long way in making the new employee comfortable upon arrival for the first day of work.

The welcome letter from the manager tells the new employee about the relationship he will have with the manager. It may mention the manager’s expectations and goals for the new employee. It’s goal is to make the employee comfortable starting his new job.

The following letter is warm and encouraging, yet, it states goals and expectations that the manager has for the new employee. It sets up the expectation that employees work hard, make decisions, and are not micromanaged. It ensures the new employee that he will have help and support from coworkers as he starts his new job. The goal is to provide information, without overwhelming him, prior to the start day.

This is a sample informal letter from the person’s new manager.

Dear New Employee,

The selection team was excited to hear that you had accepted our job offer. So, I wanted to share some information about our department and your ) team prior to your start date. It will be great when you walk into the department on May 21 if you know what you are walking into.

My management style empowers employees to make the decisions about how they do their jobs within the framework of the department’s objectives. Our goals flow from the executive planning process here at Smith-Thompson. The process receives our input as I sit on the executive team and help develop our overall strategic direction.

You can take a look at the department’s current objectives. I have arranged access for you at (url of objectives on company’s internal website. Take a look at the objectives and you’ll find where your new job fits in our...
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