Topics: Band-pass filter, Circuit diagram, Low-pass filter Pages: 2 (264 words) Published: March 4, 2013
1. a) Compare different performance aspects of HVDC transmission over the EHVAC Transmission

b) Discuss briefly about types of HVDC system

2. a) Derive the expression for average dc voltage of a 6 pulse bridge converter feeding DC Motor load
b)What are the advantages of Graetz’s Circuit over other six pulse converters?

3. a) What are the different types considerable harmonics generated by converter station? Explain in detail.
b) Briefly describe how the harmonics are filtered in the converter station

4.a) Explain in detail about reactive power requirement in HVDC converters. b) Briefly discuss the sources of reactive power in HVDC systems

5.a) With steady state equivalent circuit, explain the operation of Two terminal DC link. b).Explain the effect of source inductance in HVDC system

6.a)Draw the converter station configuration diagram? Briefly explain its various components in it?
b) Explain the technical development in control and protection for better performance and reliability of D.C. transmission system

7.a) Draw the schematic circuit diagram of a Graetz's circuit and explain its principle of operation
b) Explain the effect of overlap angle on the performance of converter circuit

8.a) Draw and explain a block diagram of a Hierarchical level of control of HVDC transmission system
b) Explain the individual characteristics of a rectifier and inverter with sketches

9What is the purpose of filters in HVDC systems and give a design methodology for low pass filter.

10.a) Discuss various types of AC filters employed in HVDC systems. b) Discuss in detail about the design of high pass filter
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