Weight Watches Case Study

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  • Published : November 29, 2011
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* 1. Trace how you might go through WEIGHT WATCHERS CASE QUESTIONS 1. Trace how you might go through the steps in the consumer decision process if you were thinking of going on a diet and using either of these diet programs. I would first consider the risks,Look at the price any promotion being offered, nest Important thing is the Place convenient Risks Basic philosophy / approach Foods that are / aren't allowed How much work involved Cost Speed to results Sign Up Online | | |

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2. How have Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig created value?

2. Identify the determinant attributes that set the Weight Watchers's and Jenny Craigs' programs apart from each other. Use those attributes to develop a compensatory purchasing model like the one found in Exhibit 5.2 There’s no fixed membership period; many people who join Weight Watchers stick with it even after they’ve shed unwanted pounds. You can eat whatever you want—provided you stick to your daily PointsPlus target, a number based on your gender, weight, height, and age. You can find the points values of more than 40,000 foods on Weight Watchers’ website. Processed choices like bologna usually have the highest point values (meaning they should be eaten in small amounts or less often) while fresh fruits and vegetables carry zero points, so you can eat as many as you’d like. That’s because they’re high in fiber and are more filling than, say, a candy bar. (Fruit juice, dried fruit, and starchy vegetables don’t count as freebies, since they’re higher in calories.) Weight Watchers also pushes specially- designated Power Foods, or the best choices among similar foods. If you’re mulling 10 types of canned soup, for example, you can quickly see which has the least sugar and sodium, the most fiber, and the healthiest types and amounts of fat

4. How can Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig increase the...
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