Weight Training and Conditioning

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Weight Training and Conditioning Final Project

About the Individual
The individual that I chose is a fictional 21 year old male interested in general strength training as well as overall fitness. The program focuses primarily on compound lifts to help this individual achieve his goals. Over the 16 week period, they will experience all of the parts of the basic periodization model and end with a maintenance plan to maintain strength.

About the Program
This training program is designed as a two day split so workouts should be scheduled at least 48 to 72 hours apart. An example of a balanced two day schedule looks like: xAxxBxx or xAxxxBx
or any similar variation that does not place Workout A and Workout B closer than 48 hours apart. When designing this program, I made sure to hit all of the major joint movements and strayed away from isolated body part training in favor of compound exercises. Some of the joints included range from knee and hip dominant to rotational core movements. Also, I tried to vary the program’s exercises as much as possible to keep from performing the same lifts repetitively but at the same time, not too get too complex and change every week.

The Warm-up
Each workout is prefaced by a dynamic warm-up consisting of a variety of stretches that hit all of the major joints. This is important so that the body is prepared and loose for the stresses that the workout will place on it. The warm-up should take no longer than 7 to 10 minutes and should include prior soft tissue work with either a foam roller or hand roller.

1. Walking Lunges ~30ft
2. Inch Worms ~30ft
3. Toy Soldiers~30ft
4. Walking Squats~30ft
5. High Knees~30ft
6. Arm Circles (Bi-directional)~15sec
7. Static Arm Stretches~15sec
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