Weight Training

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  • Published : April 18, 2008
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I.Opening that catches audiences attention
Although some may claim they are, I do not believe very many people are completely satisfied with their physical appearance. There is always something one would like to improve on whether it is bigger arms or a tighter butt. I know I for one can closely relate to this, which sparked my interest in weight training. II.Link to the audience

I am sure many you have wanted to change or alter a physical feature of your own at one time or another. Just think of your ideal body type and try to realize how near or far you are from this image. Now you probably want to know how to reach that ultimate image of perfection you have drawn up in your mind. III.Speaker credibility statement

So what I would like to share with you today is some of the most important elements in weight training efficiency and effectiveness. I have done endless hours of research for personal use, as well as numerous school research papers. This is a more than familiar topic for me with all the research I have done and the countless hours I have spent in the gym comparing ideas with others. III.Statement of central idea and preview

Weight training serves to reach and satisfy personal ideals one may have on an ultimate physique. In order to do this the weight training must be done efficiently and effectively. In the following I will illustrate how to do this with a proper diet, specific types of training depending on goals, and different systems one may use. I will also highlight some keys that may help with achieving your final goals. Transition statement: Let us start with how a proper diet goes hand and hand with healthy training.

I.A proper diet is a more than significant factor in effective weight training. A.For example you must remember to eat for performance over pleasure. You can not eat cheesecake three times a day and expect to be well on your way to the best shape of your life. You must take in all necessary vitamins and...
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