Weight Loss Requires Lifestyle Changes

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Weight Loss Requires Lifestyle Change
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Gastric surgery Vs Standard weight loss options
In our society today two thirds of American adults are overweight or clinically obese and although there are many weight loss options available, ultimately all options will require serious lifestyle changes. Eating should be an enjoyable experience and free from all sorts of worry. The process should also not deprive people any type of food that one desires to eat making the food more enjoyable and fulfilling. Complex plans for losing weight are on the increase and their advertisements are based on the ease of their use for fast weight loss. The truth of the matter is that any plan to lose weight is not easy. Those who try these diets have to monitor their calorie intake and proportions of different nutrients as stipulated by a set of mathematical rations. Many American adults are struggling with weight, indulging in the weight loss programs that require drastic changes in their current lifestyles. It is always important to watch our health. Most important is the fact that excess weight is brought about by unhealthy eating standards, which are inherent risk factors for diseases such as hypertension and diabetes among others. It is important that people learn to change their lifestyles to curb the increase in weight related diseases. While some people attempt to meet this goal by using a standard diet plan, others turn to the use of Bariatric surgery also known as Gastric Bypass to reach these goals, both which translate to a drastic lifestyle change.

Choice of diet
Many individuals are advised to follow a strict diet in pursuit of weight loss. The pros of following a strict diet include the reduction in cholesterol levels while prompting the avoidance of refined carbohydrates, which cause excess weight (Scott, 2009). Another advantage is that it enables one to lose a substantial amount of weight if strictly followed. However, the cons are that one may tend to avoid essential foods important for the body’s sustenance, even not taking in enough calories per day. A strenuous strict program may not be easy to follow because of unavoidable cravings, lack of will power and just plain boredom. The use of strict diets may also interfere with calcium levels in an individual and may lead to complications in the functioning of body parts such as the kidneys (Scott, 2009). One should always consult a Doctor before beginning any diet or exercise program for guidance and monitoring.

Bariatric gastric surgery
According to News-medical (2012), Bariatric gastric surgery is performed on excessively obese individuals with a medical reason for immediate weight loss, or those who have an urge to lose the excess weight on their own, but every other diet has seemed to fail, and they are classified as morbidly obese. Bariatric surgery involves the reduction of the stomach size or redirecting the food to a customized stomach pouch (News-medical, 2012). However, it is only considered viable for individual who have a very high BMI 35-40kg/M2. As for the bariatric surgery, the medical costs are very high in the United States and may top $35000. Most medical insurances are available to cover for the high cost of this surgical procedure (NIH, 2009).

After the procedure, the individual normally has to follow a strict diet and exercise on a regular basis to avoid the effects of gaining excess weight. It is important for the medical personnel to prepare the individual on the potential impacts of the surgery such as...
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