Weight Loss Gain

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Weight Loss Gain

Deidra Campbell
Strayer University
PHI 210
March 17, 2013
Prof. Redwing
Weight Loss Gain
Everyone wants to feel like they are a million bucks and have the energy and being vibrant as we did when we were kids. In this day and age people that read this are possible the same clients that have tried multiple diets before and not seen the success that they were hoping for from it. Knowing that I can relate to them, I too have gone thru the battle and stop choosing the crash diets and make a life changing decision of eating better and exercising on a more consistent basis in order to feel great again! Even though a fast surgery or a crash diet might some results they are looking for the overall change will not stay with what they are wanting unless a healthy life style change is made AND committed to in the long run. My topic is about how some diets make people gain weight rather than lose the weight. I think being in a new year many people have this as a new year’s resolution and want to be successful with losing the actual weight in order to meet a goal. Concerns arise when people try to find a solution that has a quick fix to it but ends up not necessarily helping them in a long term situation. In fact, many people see results where the weight not only comes back to them but also increases in weight after the diet has ended. The two claims that are associated with my topic are people looking for a fast resolution and choosing the wrong diet in order to lose the weight. People are on the hunt to find a fast miracle solution in order to lose the weight that came upon them unexpectedly. “Conversely, obese people who consume excessive amounts of unhealthy foods often suffer from over-nutrition. In both cases, the body starves from lack of necessary nutrients” which will in a result cause the person to gain back the weight (Chechar, L., 2011). The answers seem to come about from a fast crash diet or even a miracle pill in...
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