Weight Lifting Versus Strength Training

Topics: Powerlifting, Weight training, Bench press Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Strength Training Versus Weight Lifting
The main objective of the article, Strength training versus weight lifting, is to show the audience or readers the difference of training for strength and just lifting weights. The article compares the different perspectives of competitive weight lifters and athletes; stating their goals are different in that weight lifters want to be big and symmetrical, while athletes should be using strength training to improve sport performance. It also lays out the differences in weight lifting & strength trainings’ effects.

Other objectives such as power lifting, body building, and Olympic lifting are also addressed. In each the use and functionality of them are gone through. It is also expressed that the wants of those that participate in such events are of doing exercises that help with the event, and not so much with full body strength. Athletes in such sports as baseball and football require total body strength in order to complete a varying range of tasks.

Just like how athletes need to be able to perform multiple tasks, they need to be able to work on their whole body. Machines are single joint exercises, where they only work a part of the body at a time. Athletes need to be trained in multi joint exercises in order to be efficacious in their sport. Machines also do not stabilize the muscles very much during an exercise, since the weight is supported by the machine.

Although workout machines have their drawbacks, they also have their good points. Some muscles in particular are trained better on machines than in non-machine exercises. Machines are also beneficial in how they focus on a particular area. For this strength building up certain weak points or areas needing rehabilitation is very useful. Some machines also help in training an injured limb without putting much stress upon it, since the weight is supported.

The bench press syndrome is where a person puts an over endearing emphasis on...
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