Weight Lifting

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Lola Sanchez

February 16, 2007
Weight Lifting
The article is of course titled " Weight Lifting" It mainly talked about the procedures and precautions to be taken during weight lifting exercise. Weight lifting builds muscle size and strength. Weight lifting does not give immediate results a proper program to gain the most muscle strength. This also talks about how it is extremely important to take precautions like; keeping your focus on what you are lifting and nothing else this will most likely prevent any serious injuries. Another safety precautions is to calculate the amount of weight not putting so much weight that is to hard to lift. It is also important to breathe when weight lifting holding your breath during weight lifting could hurt you.

The article also stresses the fact of the dangers of steroid use and how it can have many side effects and could potentially lead to death. There is also some definitions of words like principle of stress adaptations, repetition and set. This article really informs any person that is thinking of starting a weight lifting program it tells them of the precautions and the techniques needed for this program.

This article relates to me because in class we always do weight lifting and this could be helpful one day. I learned from this article the procedures and precautions to take while weight lifting. Also the way this program can help build muscle size and strength. I learned new terms from this article which could help me understand this kind of fitness later on. I know that this type of fitness which can make a person stronger and could help them with some other kind of fitness exercise.
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