Weight and Circuit Training, and Types of SandC

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  • Published : April 18, 2012
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Weight and Circuit Training Summary

Weight and circuit training and types of S&C. Resistance training is a training method that uses a resistance to the force of muscular contraction (concentric i.e. shortening, eccentric i.e. stretching and isometric i.e. no change in length). Stretch shortening cycle- when a muscle is stretched before its contracted is produces a more powerful contraction e.g. CMJ Slow-twitch muscle fibres are fatigue resistant but don’t contract very forcefully or rapidy. Uses oxygen. Fast twitch fibres contract rapidly and forcefully but fatigue quickly. Size Principle- motor units recruited from smallest to largest . So low reps will activate the large fast twitch fibres and high reps will activate the smaller slow twitch. Short duration activities i.e. under 45s, will uses only anaerobic energy systems but from then on the body uses more and more aerobic systems. Technique fundamentals- a stable position includes proper body alignment which places the appropriate amount of stress on muscles and joints. A sticking point is the transition from eccentric to concentric phase and roper breathing techniques may help to overcome it. Valsalva Maneuver is where you hold your breath during the hard part of the lift to help keep your torso rigid and proper vertebral alignment. Type of training- Multiple set: several sets at fixed intensity &reps. Super setting: performing another exercise straight after the first one, usually using opposite muscle groups. Split system: using many exercises for one muscle group, and maybe only one or two muscle groups a day. Circuit training- a training method that has an arranged sequence of exercises which are repeated one after the other. The arrangement depending on what component of fitness being worked. Useful for training large numbers, full body, adaptable. Phases of circuit training- screening, warm up, pre stretch, demo, mini warm up, main section, cool down, post stretch. Warm up- increases...
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