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Topics: Interpersonal relationship, White people, Film Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: October 14, 2011
A big part of belonging is conveyed through relationships. A good relationship can have a positive effect on people; a bad relationship can have a negative effect on people. Throughout the following essay one will discuss how the concept of belonging has been conveyed through the representation of relationships through the texts “The Blind Side” & “The Simple Gift” Through the use of language & structural techniques.

Throughout the film, “The Blind Side”, the concept of relationships and the way these connections with others define “belonging” are evolved. This notion is identifiable in Mike’s prior and post familial relationships. When Mike is separated from his mother, he has strong feelings pertaining to alienation. This comes through the film technique of a flash back. In this flash back the audience sees the negative situation between Mike and his biological mother. Thus the flash back illustrates that he was isolated from his original group that defined his identity. This is coupled with “The Simple Gift” Billy has come from a broken and abusive past. In the book he brings up how his father acted towards him. He reminisces on his past he describes his dad getting angry at hitting him.

Throughout the film “The Blind Side” another concept of relationships and the way it connects to belonging is through Mike’s gradual inclusion within the family. Mike’s family has a passion for football in the film. His nostalgia towards football becomes evident. Mike was never interested in the game therefore his appreciation towards his acceptance leads him to do something that he initially doesn’t want to. This show’s mike is finding his belonging in an individual place in society. This can relate to “The Simple Gift” through the relationship between Caitlin and Billy. They start as strangers but then end up falling for each other and becoming a couple.

In this film we see that Mike doesn’t fit into the “upper class” society. This shows he is set apart from the...
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