Weel Paid Receptionist

Topics: Employment, Salary, Sales Pages: 3 (938 words) Published: March 4, 2013
After analyzing The Well-Paid Receptionist case, one of the value drivers that must be considered is employee value. This value driver displays how employee's values will impact corporate value over time. Employee Value is important for any organization to consider when making decisions in order to ensure that added value is maximized over time. What determines an employee´s value to an organization, is his/or her individual contribution to the process of achieving the organizational goals, and individual contribution to an overall performance. Cathy contributed a vast amount to Troupville Business Systems (TBS). TBS was a vision that Mr. Finley had in mind, and has now emerged into small business that sells, leases, and repair copy machines and computers. Cathy joined Mr. Finley's team, and was hired to serve a multifunctional role of a receptionist, secretary, general assistant, and to help promote and develop the business. She got the position amongst other candidates because she was very articulate, heartwarming, and ecstatic about launching the start up of TBS. Along with her distinctive personality, she also attained a 2 year office administration degree, and had two extremely positive feedbacks from her previous employers that said “they would rehire her in a minute if she were still available. The only issue with Mr. Finley had with Cathy was compensation. In the past, she earned more than what Mr. Finley wanted to offer her. Therefore, in addition to her annual salary of $14,000, Mr. Finely offered her two percent of sales. Ms. Brannen accepted the offer and over the past seven years, she drastically helped Mr. Finely grow the business as well as expand her skills and knowledge with the company, by taking voluntary computer courses. Ms. Brannen was now the face of the company, helped customers with computer needs and performed sales functions. Ms. Brannen exceeded Mr. Finely highest expectations and proved just how indispensable she was to the...
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