Weekly Summary

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Part One
1. Describe the process of threading. Why is threading important in the Online Learning System (OLS)? A thread is a conversation topic within the Classroom forum that means that all messages pertaining to that topic will be organized and displayed with other like messages. It is important for the Online Learning System because it keeps separate and organizes all the messages by topics. 2. What might happen if you post messages or assignments in the wrong forum? You have the option to remove a post if you should happen to post in the wrong Forum.

Part Two
Use the table to describe the function and purpose of the following forums: Course Forums | Function and Purpose |
Main | Class discussion and participation occur in this forum.| Chat Room | Off-topic discussion unrelated to the course occurs in this forum.| Course Materials | Facilitators post course materials such as the syllabus and rubrics in this forum.| Individual | Learner can communicate with the facilitator in this forum.| Learning Team | Learners respond and interact with their team members in this forum.| Part Three

1. In which forum do you post substantive messages to earn participation credit? For courses with Learning Teams, if Learning Team discussion questions are required, both posts in the Main Forum and posts discussing the Learning Team DQ in the Learning Team Forum may count towards the class participation score. Students/learners should review the instructor’s syllabus for information. 2. What is the participation requirement?

For full participation credit during participation weeks, student/learners are required to contribute two substantive discussion messages four days each week in the Main Forum. 3. What does substantive mean in regards to participation? Substantive means that the messages must be related to the course topics for the week and include new ideas, personal perspectives and examples, or relevant follow-up questions.
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