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| | Weekly PlanClass: VIWeek 2Subject: Science|

What Is Science?
What Is Science?
Science VI
Science VI

| |
To enable the students to * Describe skills and processes involved in the study and practice of science. * Will draw flow chart shows hypothesis. * Will differentiate between inferences and observations..| * Recap ;name some important attitudes in the study and practice of science. * Brain storming: can you tell how exactly hot tea is without a thermometer? * Teachers explanation; {text on page 7,8,9 will be read and discussed.I will also tell them the rules of making a flow chart. * Discussion with students. * Students will tell the difference between inferences and observations. * To make it more clear students students will solve “Try it out “ on page 8. * Written work; students will make a flow chart of testing hypothesis on copies. * Sum up: By discussing Try it out on page 9 |

10 mins.5 mins.5 mins.10 mins.10 mins.| * International secondary science 1| The students will be assessed on their ability to * Participate in class discussion * Will draw flow chart correctly.|

To enable the students to * Observe safety rules in the laboratory. * Write some general safety rules in the laboratory.| * Recap; Read Q.No. 2 from rewiew questions and discuss the answer. * Teachers instructions.{visit to lab to observe some safety rules.} * Students will read general safety rules in pairs on page 11.I will ask randomly.} * * . * Written Work; students will write ; * 5 general safety rules on copies * 3 rules while handling chemicals * 2 rules when accident occur. * Sum up; by asking * Is the study and practice of science confined to the laboratory?.| What Is Science?

What Is Science?
Science VI
Science VI

2 mins. 3mins.10mins.15 mins.5 mins.| * International Science1| The students will be...
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