Weekly Assignment - Short Writing About Impression, Different Cultural Situations, Teaching, Cutltural Misunderstanding, Meeting, Gambling, Etc.

Topics: Gesture, Problem gambling, Korean language Pages: 14 (5564 words) Published: April 8, 2013
* Week 5

- Impression or Image

People see other's face first when they look at each others. One’s face is the most important part when we judge or guess people, since it usually reflects the character of people. Also, there is saying that a man's face tells a great deal about character. Lookism that rampant in our society came from these kinds of practices. We get used to describe people with their face. Especially, Korea has become a beauty-oriented society where people are judged more for their appearance than their characteristics or any. We, Korean like to have people who look handsome and pretty as a friend or relative. For that, it’s common to see people who are considering plastic surgery to enhance their looks in Korean society. Unlike an old expression: "You can't tell a look by its cover", it is a definite fact that many people are judging a person by his appearance. Beauty can not be measured by any standard, since there is no absolute standard. However, it is true that people have similar tastes in Beauty. People express and share their opinions with a potentially wide audience, based on Advance of Mass Media. The development of transportation and communication made the whole world a global village. Therefore is it not a big deal that most of people in the world have similar standard of beauty. Men are usually prepossessed women who have big eyes, sharp nose and slim body. And opposite, most women want a man who is tall and not much fat but muscular or slim and who have bushy eyebrows and ridge nose, etc. And, there is even more a tendency to equate appearance with character or education level. Like it or not - and plenty of us choose ‘not’ - this fact is the reason of stereotype what limit many opportunities to meet and learn from other ‘not beauty’.

- Sharing Happiness and Sadness

[Dialogue 1 : Happiness]
A : Hey, guess what?
B : What happened? You look so excited.
A : I bought my dream-car yesterday. I’ve wanted to get it since I was 20. B : Wow. I knew that you’re gonna get that someday! You really worked hard for that for many years. Congratulations! A : Thank you. I am so pleased. Do you wanna go for a drive? B : Of course, I’d love to.

[Dialogue 2 : Sadness]
A : Hi.
B : Hi, Is there anything wrong? You look so blue.
A : Nothing.
B : Come on, what makes you feel so gloomy? Tell me!
A : Well, actually… I have had a lot of depressing things happen to me. My little brother ran away from home a few days ago, and a fight between my parents makes me crazy all day long. I really don’t know what to do. I just… B : Oh, Don’t cry. You know that nothing is so unpalatable as a lover’s quarrel, and I’m gonna help you to find your little brother. Cheer up! I’m here to be with you. A : Thank you so much. I have nobody but you to rely on for help. B : A friend in need is a friend indeed!

[Dialogue 3 : Excitement]
A : Oh my god. It is the time I’ve wanted for my whole life! B : I agree with you. This baseball game is super-match. Oh, did you see that? A : Yes! And… yeah! He is coming, the best catcher in the history of baseball! Wow, his playing always stirs my blood. B : Calm down. You are a very talkative person when you get excited. A : I know, but I can’t stop! It is strange to me to keep calm at this moment. Hit a home run, boy! Go! Go! Go! B : (sigh)

- Different Cultural Situations

1. I will do nothing even my neighbor make some noisy at 3 o’clock in the morning. Although he has no manners, I don’t wanna teach him what he should do. He is a grown-up as I am, so I respect him. If it is too much to stand, other neighbors will call and ask him to keep quite when it is necessary. I don’t know it is just because I am not much sensitive to noise, but I basically don’t wanna push myself toward, since I hate an impertinent person.

2. Actually, I’ve tried some joy-powder when I was in the USA. A friend of mine had given me that just like this situation and I accepted the drugs. I was like,...
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