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Topics: Credit history, Credit, University Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Kathleen Barker
CC English 102
11 January 2013
Credit card companies are more responsible for their customers’ actions than their customers are. Though students are put at fault by the majority of people who have something to say about the topic, reasons having to do with irresponsibility and related accusations, the students are not the only group at fault. Credit card companies themselves have created a strategy of making college students their target customers because of how simple it is for a college student to become hooked on using their credit card (Macias 2). It is rare to come across a college student who has enough excess money to use for personal purposes after paying necessities; thus making it difficult to find a college student who will turn down a credit card with a monthly allowance of $1000 or more. Credit card companies have come up with intricately designed advertisements to target their college students, such as pictures of teens happily walking around on campus which gives a subliminal message that if the student were to get a credit card, that would be their daily life. Credit card companies use plenty of well crafted pictures to give off the image that if a student uses their card, they will be able to enjoy the lifestyles being portrayed in their advertisements (Macias 2). Subliminal messaging has proven to be a highly effective form of advertisement, with the general idea that if a targeted market uses a company's product, they too can be be living the lifestyle created in their advertisement. Card companies make it possible for any college student to be able to use a credit card, specifically targeting students who have no current income whatsoever. Credit card companies get away with this by using grant credit- using a person’s credit score to decide if they qualify for a credit card (Macias 2). Because credit scores only show a person’s payment history and any current debt a person may have, it makes it easy for the...
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