Week 8 Checkpoint Stages of Ego Development

Topics: Individualism, Individual, Jonathan Frakes Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: July 16, 2011
The pre-social and symbiotic stage in this stage the ego is typically in during infancy. The infant has a very id-like ego that is focused on rewarding their direct needs. They are tremendously attached to their primary caregiver; they are likely to experience a cognitive confusion well as emotional fusion involving the caregiver and their self. The impulsive stage, focuses on bodily feelings, basic desires, and immediate needs, difficulty with own needs, but are dependent and demanding. In this stage they experience the world in egocentric terms, how things are affecting them. The self-protective stage; middle childhood, some individuals can stay in this stage throughout their lives. More cognitively sophisticated than the impulsive ego, but yet using awareness of cause and effect, of rules and consequences. Tend to be exploitive, manipulative, hedonistic, and opportunistic. The conformist stage, that occurs at five or six. Feeling devoted in belonging, obtaining the admiration of important reference groups. Feelings also tend to be easy and rule-governed, a sense that there are a number of conditions of feeling happy, and other situations in which one feels sad. The self-aware stage is the most common among adults. This shows amplified yet still limited awareness to deeper issues and inner lives of themselves as well as others. They do not really reach much resolution on these issues, they are thinking about them. The conscientious stage is the tendency towards self-evaluation and self-criticism continues. They value responsibility, achievement and the pursuit of high ideals and long-term goals. The individualistic stage focuses increases on relationships, achievement is still valued. Also shows a broad-minded tolerance and respect for the autonomy for the self and others. The autonomous stage there is increasing respect for one’s own and others’ autonomy. Connects the importance to individuality and uniqueness and self-actualization; individuals’ distinctive...
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