Week 7 Xcom/285 Tuition Reimbursement

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  • Published : July 29, 2012
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Tuition Reimbursement Implementation Report
Jacqueline Avant
July 15, 2012
Dr. Carla Lane

Tuition Reimbursement Implementation Report
Business is about finding the right balance between performance, integrity, and employee development to aid in the growth and success of the company. Most companies provide the major benefits to their employees such as medical, dental, vision, short and long term benefits, and EAP programs for dealing with life events but the implementation of Tuition Reimbursement as an additional benefit to employees will be an asset to the employees as well as the company. Employees of any company that provide this benefit are afforded the opportunity to enhance or develop new skills, the opportunity for promotion within the company and higher earning potential. Companies will reimburse 100% of an employee education cost with a cap ranging from $3600 to $5000 for full-time employees and lesser amounts for part-time employees, these amounts vary by employer and some will go above that amount but the employee is required to report anything in excess as income on their taxes which can hurt in the long run but none the less is still a substantial benefit to the employee. Tuition assistance for employees typically applies to a wide range of pursuits from certificates to undergraduate and graduate degrees awarded by accredited colleges and universities and increasingly, completion of online courses offered by accredited institutions ( (Babcock, 2009). Most companies require that the employee pursues studies related to their current field or career path within the company as a means of employee retention. Employees who take advantage of tuition reimbursement usually already have their sights on advancement opportunities within their existing employer and tuition reimbursement is by far the best means of getting the employee where they desire to be and put people in positions the company need filled from within. These employees...
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