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GlaxoSmithKline started in 2001 although through company mergers the company goes back much further. Since the opening of GlaxoSmithKline its mission has been to improve the quality of life by making people feel better and helping to be able to do more. Today GlaxoSmithKline leads in the development of new consumer health products, medicines, and vaccines. GlaxoSmithKline has developed strategies to promote long-term growth and success by delivering more quality product, simplifying operating models, and by growing globally.

GlaxoSmithKline has a Global Compliance Department that develops standards and practices for employees to ensure employees comply with rules and regulations set forth by the company. This ensures that employees behave ethically and promotes corporate responsibility. One of GlaxoSmithKlines’ core values is transparency where they are able to adapt to any environment, meeting global challenges business and culturally. This makes they way they do business more successful.

One cultural issue that affects GlaxoSmithKline interactions outside of the United States is how a local organization is globally appropriate. This means company officials and employees conforming to that of the way of the people in the particular country, speaking their language fluently, understanding and knowing the culture of the country. Officials not only need to be able to conform to the personal or social norms, they need to be able to conform to the business ethics of that particular country.

Things are done much differently in America. Because we as American people have so many freedoms, liberties, and opportunities we tend to take advantage sometime as opposed to someone in another country who is more business minded and focuses on business when conducting business. Certain things that are tolerated in the workplace in...

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