Week 5 Homework

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  • Published : November 27, 2011
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Week 5 Homework
Considering the counseling of culturally diverse client populations: What are some of the merits of the Behavioral approach for culturally diverse populations? What specific aspects of Behavior Therapy, both concepts and techniques, would you want to apply in your work in a multicultural setting? What concepts and techniques of the Behavioral Model for a culturally diverse client population would not work and why? Support your observations.

The behavioral approach for culturally diverse populations is an interesting and provocative subject. There are many arguments in favor of and against this type of therapy for a culturally diverse population. Behavior therapy is geared toward helping clients to function better within their own community. It stresses the importance of being a productive member of their society. I think this is a positive thing for anyone, anywhere. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a good fit for working in a multicultural setting. The therapist operates as an educator of sorts, offering tools for managing everyday life to the client. There is also more structure associated with this type of therapy, something that may appeal to the client who desires a little more structure to the sessions. Definite goals can be set, and progress is more easily monitored. Behavior therapy calls on the client to examine their life and move that life toward a more independent way of life. In many cultures, dependence on the family is a given. Behavior therapy can shake a client to his core; it can make him change even his most fundamental beliefs. Some people, no matter how prepared they think they may be for therapy, are not ready to have their eyes opened quite so wide. Cultural diversity can be a good thing, but my personal feeling regarding therapy is that clients from different cultures, who are interested in continuing to be a part of that culture, may be better served by seeking out the services of a therapist either from that...
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