Week 5 Cultural Evaluation

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  • Published : October 7, 2012
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Cultural Evaluation - India
October 8, 2012

* Culture is an attribute that gives us our identity and separates us from others as well as other places. “For our purposes, culture is defined as the learned beliefs, values, rules, norms, symbols, and traditions that are common to a group of people. It is these shared qualities of a group that make them unique” (Kumar, Anjum, & Sinha, 2011, pp.152 -156). * There are many cultural differences between that of the United States and India. It is incumbent on the United States to study the differences of the two cultures in order to build a better relationship with India. Indians would rather do business with those they have built relationships with prior to, which have already led to trust and respect from both parties (DeFinis, 2010). On the comparative side, The U.S. does not find developing personal relationships playing a significant role in business. According to Doing Business In The United States of America | US Social And Business Culture (2009), “In the United States, the overall goal of business is to secure the best deal, therefore forming company relationships are of greater value” (Working relationships in the US). * At this time, the United States and India share several differences, but one in particular is that India does not trust the growing relationship between China and America. “Many in India believe that the Obama administration has tilted its policy toward Beijing in a way that undermines Indian interests. Given China's close relations with Pakistan and continuing claims on Indian territory, India does not view Beijing as an honest broker” (Feigenbaum, 2010, pp. 76-91). India’s concern, for instance, the U.S. will not help relieve India if tensions riled along the Chinese-Indian border (Feigenbaum, 2010). * Given that the Indian culture prefers to build business relationships with those they trust and respect (DeFinis, 2010), the United States should...
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