Week 4 Problem Set 4

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  • Published : May 23, 2012
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Week 4 Homework

Solutions: Problem Set 4

1. Determining Profit or Loss from an Investment. Three years ago, you purchased 150 shares of IBM stock for $88 a share. Today, you sold your IBM stock for $103 a share. For this problem, ignore commissions that would be charged to buy and sell your IBM shares.

a. What is the amount of profit you earned on each share of IBM stock? The profit on each share of IBM stock was $15. $103 priced when each share was sold, $88 priced when each share was purchased = $15.

b. What is the total amount of profit for your IBM investment? The total profit for the IBM transaction was $2,250. $15 profit per share x 150 shares = $2,250.

2. Calculating Rate of Return. Assume that at the beginning of the year, you purchase an investment for
$8,000 that pays $100 annual income. Also assume the investment’s value has decreased to $7,400 by the end of the year.

a. What is the rate of return for this investment?
Step 1 subtract the investment’s initial value from the investment’s value at the end of the year.
$7,400 – $8,000 = $600 (negative)
Step 2 add the annual income and the amounts from Step 1.
$600 (negative) + $100 = $500 (negative)
Step 3: divide the total dollar amount of return (Step 2) by the original investment
$500 (negative) ÷ $8,000 = .0625 (negative) = 6.25% (negative)

b. Is the rate of return a positive or negative number? The rate of return is a negative number.

3. Calculating Earnings Per Share, Price-Earnings Ratio, and Book Value. As a stockholder in Bozo Oil Company, you receive its annual report. In the financial statements, the firm has reported assets of $9 million, liabilities of $5 million, after-tax earnings of $2 million, and 750,000 outstanding shares of common stock.

a.Calculate the earnings per share of Bozo Oil’s common stock. (p. 457). 2,000,000/750,000 = $2.67 per share.

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