Week 4 Individual Contribution

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Crisis pregnancy center Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Week 4 Individual Contribution

ETH 316
January 28, 2013
Fernan R. Cepero

Week 4 Individual Contribution
* Since CareNet was formed in 1975 the focus has been pointedly directed on responsibility and ethical practice while providing resources to those faced with unplanned pregnancies. To be clearly stated, CareNet assuredly has an agenda and that agenda is to provide information and an alternative to any woman faced with believing abortion is their only option. CareNet serves the local community as a support system for any and all facing unplanned pregnancy even with an extremely polarizing topic at its core. * To properly evaluate CareNet’s impact upon the community it is best that one define which communities it operates in. With over 1100 pregnancy centers across North America it not only operates within the local area but also across multiple nations. TIME magazine stated that these pregnancy centers are “the kind, calm, nonjudgmental face of the pro-life movement”(Gibbs, 2007, para. 4). CareNet has the responsibility to take a nonjudgmental position but also provide “free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, abortion information, parenting classes, and material assistance are just some of the many services offered that empower women to choose life” (CareNet 2012). * Many factors have specifically influenced the social responsibility strategies of CareNet as the laws regarding the Abortion issue and practicing clinics have changed dramatically over the past 40 years. Therefore, it has engaged in a litigation free perspective where its chief goal is to encourage as many women faced with unplanned pregnancy to choose life. In addition to the changing legal perspective it remains fairly constant in its mission as it is an Evangelical Christian organization. Unfortunately, mainly on the pro-life side of the abortion issue violence has been the most influential upon CareNet. The organization serves to change the hearts and minds of men and women...
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