Week 4 Hca

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Appendix B: Overview of Health Care Workforce Matrix


Complete the following Workforce Provider Overview Grid. Many areas within health care are options for career placement or advancement. Research different fields within the industry and fill in each box with detailed information about the clinical health care provider. For example, types of providers may include physician assistant, dental care, and respiratory therapy. |Type of Provider & Purpose |Job Title |Role of Health Care Personnel | |Office or Hospital |Clinical managers and health information |Clinical and health information manager work within there own department, and have | |Health Service Managers |manage |duty such as implementing polices, managing personnel and writing reports to give to| | | |overall administrator | |Therapy Provider | |The occupational therapist is responsible for evaluation, creation and | | | |implementation of therapy plans, accurate and reliable data collection, consultation| |Occupational Therapy |Registered Occupational Therapist. |and training with family. The occupational therapist will collaborate with other | | | |occupational therapist, speech therapist, staff members and behavior therapist to | | | |create and maintain therapy plans that address sensory...
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