Week 3: Web Exercise - Understanding Job Analysis

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  • Published : February 6, 2011
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Maciej Palubicki 1/23/2011

Week 3: Web Exercise
Understanding Job Analysis

1. How easy was it to find the specific occupation you were looking for, and how comprehensive was the information provided about that occupation? I decided to look for the occupation that I have been having for several past years which is bartender. Given that “The O*NET program is the nation's primary source of occupational information and it contains information on hundreds of standardized and occupation-specific descriptors” (O*NET) I felt confident that I will find comprehensive information about the bartending position I search. Finding information was very easy and I must say that I really enjoy the way that the website is working, it is very user friendly and within few clicks I found out every little bit of info that I was looking for. The information provided about my occupation was on point and very comprehensive and I was little bit shocked how many little things is included in this particular job description. I mean every day at work I do lots of different activities but only thanks to this website o*net I realize what skills are crucial in that position and how long is the list of all other things that make someone a bartender. 2. What did you think of the occupations O*NET suggested as matching your skills? Was the occupation you are in or preparing for among those listed? I do think the occupations suggested by O*NET as the ones that match my skills are very accurate and I will eventually consider them. For example I believe one of my strong sides is that I have Complex Problem Solving skill and when I checked; here is list of occupations I got. To utilize that skill I could be: Chief Executive, Judge, Air Traffic Controller, Operations Research Analyst, Surgeon, Internist, General Physicist, Biostatistician, Lawyer, Emergency Management Specialist, Biomedical Engineer or Mathematician. Well that is quite a long list. The position of Chief...
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