Week 2 Xmgt 216 Business Ethics Reflection

Topics: Ethics, Military, Morality Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: August 2, 2011
Every day people face many different issues in their work environments. These issues range from pay related issues to performance issues and among them are the ethical dilemmas that they may face. The moral beliefs that people have are causing plenty of strife in their work places. One particular situation is my husband’s friend and his abuse of working the supply room and using the gas card he was issued by the military for his personal vehicles.

My husband has a friend who worked in the supply room. This gave him access to plenty of supplies that the Army orders on a constant basis but it also allowed him to order things on the Army dime that he himself wanted. They have a budget and sometimes they are told to spend the money on whatever, they just need to spend it before they lose it. This friend, let’s call him Frank, would order things for his own personal use and let the Army pay for it. He was able to get away with it because he never accounted for the item once it came in and because it was never put on their hand receipts people never asked where it was.

Frank was also issued a credit card by the government, I don’t know if it was specifically for gas or was a regular credit card. I just know that I had only seen him or heard him talk about it being used for fuel. I do know that on a particular trip that we made together Frank offered to pay for our gas as well. I overheard him talking to my husband about it after we declined his offer. My husband was telling him that he could get into a lot of trouble for spending this money to fuel his personal vehicles. These cards are constantly used to put fuel into vehicles that issued to soldiers by the government, they are government vehicles but can be your everyday car or truck that are used for making trips to field sites or other government activities that do not require them to use military vehicles. My husband was then faced with the ethical dilemma of keeping this information to...
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