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Patton – Fuller Community Hospital
Nicole Keeps
Organization Behavior/CMGT 554
August 10, 2011

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital
Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is a full service community hospital located in the City of Kelsey. Patton-Fuller has been serving the community of Kelsey since 1975. In the years of service, Patton-Fuller has seen many information technology changes and improvements. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is HIPAA compliant and rigorously enforces all HIPAA requirements. (Univ of Phoenix, 2012).

The existing network structure backbone is made up of 1000BaseT while several individual departments use 1000BaseF standards. Each individual department within Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has local UPS systems available and the entire hospital has a backup power system that has an automatic cutover to a large diesel motor generator. Patient data files are AES encrypted for storage. Access to patient data requires identification and authorization. (Univ of Phoenix, 2012).

Administration workstations consist of Apple IMACs using Windows XP and Thin Client computers. Each of the major administration departments have 2 black & white printers and 1 color laserjet printer. (Univ of Phoenix, 2012).

The clinical departments utilize Apple Mac Pro modality viewing stations using Windows XP Pro and Apple IMAC workstations using Windows XP Pro, a DICOM digital to film printer, HP 4700pht color laser printers, and 4350 black and white laser printers. The radiology information system data center consists of Apple cluster servers, data center workstations and two printers. The OR/ICU/ward floor consists of Apple Mac Pro’s and iMAC systems, Cisco 1250 series wireless access points and one HP Model 4350 printer. The information technology data center contains a hospital HIS computer system, a Windows exchange server, several data center workstations, a RAS server and an Internet server. (Univ of Phoenix, 2012). Internal Data...
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