Week 2 Assignment Ethical and Social Responsibility

Topics: United States, Race and Ethnicity, World War II Pages: 3 (985 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Relativism and Morality
Ashford University SOC120
March 11, 2013

Relativism and Morality
Relativism and Morality do they belong together in a sentence when discussing the life of a person or do any of us give these words any thought? After reading “Some Moral Minima” by Lenn Goodman that certain things are simply wrong I do agree with her for example ask yourself is wholesale murder wrong? What will you decide as I go through each of her topics of genocide, politically induced famine, and germ warfare; terrorism, hostage taking and child warriors; slavery, polygamy, and incest; and rape and female genital cutting.

First we will look at Genocide, Famine, and Germ Warfare a good example of this would be racial prejudice which means the exclusion of one by sex or color, language, class, or educational attainment. We read all the time when applying for a job we do not discriminate and the importance of ethical behavior. We can think of a lot of times throughout history this has happened with Adolf Hitler’s Genocide story, Racial Prejudice of The Cambodia of the killing fields, Killing of Kurds and Shites by Saddam Hussein of Iraq and The China of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Where was someone who had a heart during these killings or where was someone to say this is wrong, and better yet how did these people become in a place of power? There should be some higher place in government to prevent these types of crimes against these political leaders’ even religious leaders throughout the world. I believe if the world had the decision to vote on war, war would ever be chosen? You can look at any of these horrific events and see that these innocent people did not deserve to die just because someone for example Adolf Hitler thought he was of a higher ethnic group than any other ethnic group.

Next we look at terrorism, hostage taking and child warriors when is dying for a murder okay? We look at all of the hatred in the world especially the...
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