Week 1 Dq 1 Psy 201 Five Major Perspectives in Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Cognitive science, Behavior Pages: 4 (1162 words) Published: June 26, 2012
With each major perspective in psychology, there are many subfields, and no matter which branch you are looking into they all seem to go back and forth with one another. I find it interesting that each time I’m reading I will look up a term then be able to cross-reference it with another and so on and so forth until I have gone in a complete circle of terms. Psychology is its own language and just like every language known to man, the terminology can interchange frequently and if you misuse a word or place one incorrectly, it can throw off the entire meaning and leave cause for miscommunication. That being said, when we look at neuroscience, which according to the table is said to be hereditary in nature, we can then move down to the subfield of behavioral neuroscience which you can then follow by seeing cognitive neuroscience. Firstly however, behavioral neuroscience examines the biological basis of behavior and it is the scientific study of the nervous system which then branches out into many other subfields including neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, neurology, neurophysiology, and neuropharmacology, and it’s applications in psychology and psychiatry. Neuroscience is an unconscious, hereditary determinant of behavior which, according to the APA Dictionary of Psychology, “in philosophy, the position that all events, physical or mental, including human behavior, are the necessary results of antecedent causes or other entities or forces. Determinism requires that both past and the future are fixed. In psychology, the position that all human behaviors result from specific efficient casual antecedents such as biological structures or processes environmental conditions, or past experiences. The relationships between these antecedents and the behaviors they produce can be describes by generalizations much like the laws that describe regularities in nature.” Neuroscience focuses on an internal mental process or internalization which, according to the APA Dictionary...
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