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Wedding Speech
As a friend of both the bride and groom, I can honestly say that these two people are one-hundred percent meant to be. I just want to start off by congratulating you both! There is nothing in this world that could ever tear them apart. They fight like brother and sister, laugh like best friends, and fight like the married couple that they now are. It all started as young love and now it has grown into something magical.

I remember when they first met, just juniors in high school. We were all friends, hung out all the time; we have so many great memories together. Our group of friends was inseparable. No one ever imagined that Paige and Andy would ever be a couple, but boy were we wrong. Everyone can tell that you guys are truly in love; you’re an inspiration to us all.

Everyone is here tonight to celebrate the love that you share. There is no denying that this is genuine love. From the whirlwind in everyone’s eyes I can say that we are all so proud of how far you both have come in life. Just knowing that there are true loves like yours gives everyone hope to find someone to share such an amazing connection with.

On another note I would just like to say that Paige you look absolutely stunning in your gown; this is the prime of your lives and for all of us here to cherish this moment with you is monumental.

As individuals you are amazing, intelligent, and remarkable people, but together you are complete. As you sit side by side through this roller coaster of life, remember to scream from the peaks, hold hands through the dips, laugh through the loop the loops, and enjoy every twist and turn; for the ride is much better when you ride it together.

May we all raise our glasses as we toast to Paige and Andy baker;
Cherish your time together and take it one day at a time. Make your love stand strong against all odds and never end. So here’s to love, laughter, and happily ever after. Cheers!
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