Weeding Out the Problem

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  • Published : March 21, 2011
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Weeding Out the Problem

1. Before launching its new BoPal insecticide, what primary research tool could

Umberto have used to gather market intelligence on the name of its new product.

The best primary research tool Umberto could have used, in my opinion, was Focus

Group which is a type of qualitative research. Compared to other primary research tolls

including surveys, interviews and observation, “focus group research is the only setting

available to the marketer for finding out deep motivations which can then be used to

fulfill people’s deepest needs” (Silverman).

In a group of people who could have been asked question about the subject,

researchers could have easily observed the reaction of the members of the group to the

name Popal. Through interaction and discussion between members of the group,

researcher could have even found more deep information about how this name might

offend local people and what they might be reminded of.

2. What benefits would Umberto receive as a result of using such a tool?

“The advantages of focus groups according to Al-hajji Issa of Mountains of the Moon

University include, ‘It is quick, cheap and relatively easy to assemble’ ” (Focus Group).

People in the group would get each other thinking which would result in a much more in-

depth discussion. The involvement of a qualified moderator could have involved

everyone in the conversation and brought Umberto the chance to get rich data and

develop a clear understanding of the consequences of naming its insecticide PoPal

quickly and cost effectively.

3. When participating in the global marketplace, companies must take into account

various environmental differences.

a. Which environmental difference did Umberto ignore and why?

b. How might Umberto have prevented the misnaming of its insecticide?

Before entering a new market, companies should consider cultural differences and...
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