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Title: College Reading (RD 115) CRN#13945
Time: Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-8:20
Location: Newberg
Credits: 4

Text: Reading Faster & Understanding More, Book Two (Custom Edition)
The Mercury Reader

Instructor: Matt Kolbet
Email: matthew.kolbet@pcc.edu

Course Prerequisite: Ability to read 8th grade material at a minimum of 180 words per minute with acceptable comprehension. A pretest will be given on the first day of class to determine initial reading rate.

Course Goals: By the end of the course, students should be able to read at a rate of 350-500 words per minute with acceptable comprehension. Students should also be able to preview a reading selection, know how to adjust their reading rate to suit various types of reading material, and demonstrate improved knowledge of college-level vocabulary.

Grading: Class work will be graded on the following scale:
A=90-100; B=80-89; C=70-79; D=60-69

Class work will be divided into several categories:
1. Vocabulary quizzes, including a quiz on root words. 20% 2. Homework from the workbook and supplemental text. 20% 3. Book reviews/Reading Logs 20%
4. Final Exam 10%
5. Rate Improvement 10%
75% and faster = A
50-74% = B
25-49% = C
6. Participation in class activities. 10%
Attendance is essential in this area.
Five absences will result in a grade of “F”. 7. Information Literacy—Library research project. 10%

Pass Option: A student may receive a pass for this course by completing all assignments, passing all quizzes, and passing the final exam. Pass = C or above. Within the first 8 weeks of class you can choose either a letter grade or Pass/No Pass.

Attendance: Department policy states that students missing 20% of class hours will need to drop the course; otherwise they will receive a failing grade.

Withdraw: The “W” grade will be assigned when a...
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