Wedding Traditions Changed by Society

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Veronica Armas
Ms. Baker-2
English 12
9 November 2012
Wedding Traditions: Modern Society and Changes
The words “I do”, some of the most significant words to known to a human being, believing in an everlasting love. The tradition that goes into seeing such a beautiful face on such a day makes people think how much relief they can have. All the months of planning and fixing everything to make it perfect finally came. Most people do not realize how much time or adjustments must be made in order to fit their criteria of a “perfect” wedding. Due to financial situations the traditional Mexican wedding cake cannot be afforded or the specific henna of a Morocco wedding. Women, now, pan their weddings and realize that not all traditions can be used in their weddings mainly due to financial purposes. From the cake, dj, ceremony, flowers, reception, music, and many other items used for a traditional wedding, in any culture, can be taken back or left as a last resort if they cannot afford it or they choose not to include that particular time in their wedding and with modern society and changes, keeping tradition is a very difficult thing for people to have. Same sex marriages, being some very abstract to our society, even try to follow as many wedding traditions as they can. In general, many countries have their own ideas and traditions on how their weddings should be and how modern society adjusts to their personal biddings.

So why do wedding traditions have to be represented in a wedding. “Quite often, the sentimental value is tremendous” (Mary). Though these traditions, such as having something borrowed, can sometimes be altered by money but, they can also be altered by time. So many obstacles can pause a wedding into stand until the idea of a tradition or a new application of an item in a wedding can somehow altered or used in a different way. Having a specific kind of dress such as a traditional quipao, a red silk dress with gold, instead of having a western idea of a white dress can differ depending on financial status or desire of an item. If a bride wishes to have quipao, such used in a traditional Chinese wedding, would be slightly pricier than a western white dress. Yet, if she desires to have that specific tradition, then the expense would matter. Every bride is different and each one has their own priorities. Some priorities can be inexpensive while others are extremely expensive depending on the specific tradition within their family or culture (Wedding Customs).

Specifically in Italian weddings, a very large and important part of the wedding would be the dress. A white dress in an Italian wedding would symbolize a bride to be a virgin and have purity. Since the dress have a very specific symbolization, it usually has a higher price to it. According The Knot another big tradition in Italy is the chapel (Wedding Customs). In order to have a chapel along with all the amenities, it is extremely expensive. Not only having a religious view at a ceremony done in a chapel, the feel of family would be taken into consideration when choosing a chapel for such an important day. For example, since price is such a controversial part of this journey, choosing the most beautiful chapel in the world from a mediocre, yet very pretty chapel could easily mean the world of a difference. Now, apart from the chapel, food and music are key parts of an Italian wedding reception. A plate of food can come from anywhere from 15-100 dollars a plate, depending on the amount of guests and quality of food you would like to have. Having quality items in a wedding is always a very classy and elegant way of showing your social status in a very discreet manner. Music, for such a wedding that is so richly involved beings happiness ad vibrancy to a wedding. In a traditional Italian wedding dance the bride and groom would lead the guests into something called the tarantella, which legend says that this dance can save the bride and groom from...
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