Wedding Speech

Topics: Marriage, Sacrament, Charles Darwin Pages: 2 (833 words) Published: July 9, 2011
In behalf of my family, I wish to acknowledge the presence of John & Janice, the parents of Patrick who bear witness to the union thru marriage of my daughter Malou & their son Patrick, to the principal sponsors of this wedding, to the friends and colleagues of Malou in the Medical Profession, to our distinguish guest, our friends and relatives, welcome and thank you for being here. Allow me to share an article I encountered several days before this occasion. In the 18th century, Charles Darwin faced the biggest question of his life: To Marry or Not to Marry. He was in his 20’s at that time, the proper marrying age in British Victorian Society. He had just finished his 5yr. voyage in an English surveying vessel collecting thousands of biological specimens and studying animals and plants from the islands in the Indian Ocean to Brazil and Chile among others would be the basis of his book “On the Origin of Species”. That book published in 1859 would change the course of scientific history and the groundbreaking theory of natural selection. But in spite of Darwin’s intellectual abilities and an excellent naturalist, he was nevertheless filled with fear and doubt at the greatness of his decision to marry or not. A reasonable scientist that he is and placed with a huge problem, he applied tools of scientific analysis by making a matrix of the cost and benefits of marriage. On one column, he wrote the reasons one should enter marriage and on another column he wrote “not marry”. On the negative column, he wrote “not forced to visit relatives “, the expense and anxiety of children, perhaps the quarreling, the loss of personal time, changes in lifestyles and the burdens of raring children and family responsibility can be a strong disincentives against marriage. On the plus column he wrote “object to be love and played with; home & someone to take care of house- charms of music and female chit-chat things that are good for one’s health. Most importantly and I think this...
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