Wedding Scope

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith - Wedding Scope
Team C
MGMT 404 – Week 3

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Project Scope3-13

Proposed Budget 3
Budget Breakdown4

Project Objective 5

Deliverables 6-7


Technical Requirements 9

Limits and Exclusions 10

Customer Review 11-12
Measurements of Success13

Team C’s Week 3 Information 14
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Proposed Budget:
The estimate of a maximum of $10,000 is based upon the following major deliverables and a guest list of 100 people. More custom deliverables, including engagement/ wedding rings, limousine transportation, and ceremony music are not included. Alcohol is also not included as a deliverable, as the wedding would be a cash bar. The costs are based on averages across the United States and may vary greatly from town to town. Information was obtained from the following websites:

Budget Breakdown:
* Wedding Attire: $1000
* Hair/ Makeup/ Nails: $250
* Invitations & postage: $200
* Officiate Fee/ Donation: $100
* Ceremony Hall Decorations: $80
* Reception Hall Decorations: $200
* Wedding Favors: $200
* Stationery (i.e. place cards, program, guestbook, pens): $170 * Reception Music: $350
* Catering ($40pp x 100 guests) $4000
* Cake: $200
* Cake Cutting Fee: $120
* Wedding Venue (ceremony & reception): $1,280
* Bride/ Groom Hotel Room: $180
* Photography: $500
* Flowers (including corsages, bouquets, ceremony): $640
* Gifts (including tip for DJ): $530
Total Cost: $10,000

* To plan a memorable fairy-tale wedding that will not only satisfy the dreams of our new happy couple, but will also be extremely affordable, and will stimulate the local economy of where the wedding is to be held. The experience will be stress-free, even though it is under a strict time frame.

* Verifying that the wedding date for the couple is not already booked. Wedding party must book at least 6 months in advanced. Also, offer a lay-away package. * Once date is determined to be available, reserve the date for the party and have the couple sign a contract. * Creating a wedding for the couple that is under a tight budget. Determine the bridal party’s budget and determine what they want to be included in their wedding package. * Flowers (if so what type)

* Cake
* Caterer
* Security (if alcohol will be consumed)
* Valet parking
* Coat check
* Other table decor
* Table center pieces
* Photographer
* DJ
* Alcohol
* Dinnerware
* Length of time for the reception
* Once it is determined what the couple wants in their wedding, begin researching local businesses to fulfill the couple’s requests. Once the business is obtained, enter into a contract with the business (i.e. caterer, security, florist, DJ, etc.) and lock in the wedding date (only done after discussing with the couple). * Keep the couple updated in the progress of the wedding planning. Ensure they are happy with what you have chosen with the local businesses before entering into the contract with said businesses. * Have all requests fulfilled and ready to go a few weeks before the wedding (not later than 1 week prior). Set an appointment with the couple to come in the day before the wedding. * Have the reception hall decorated as requested by the couple the day before the wedding. Have the couple come in to do a “walk-thru” of the reception hall. If there are any discrepancies or they are not happy with something, adjust accordingly. * Day of the wedding, do a last minute walk thru to ensure all is as it is supposed to be.

* Find location: Commercial property
* Furnish: desks, chairs, tables and lamps
* Order Equipment: fax...
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