Wedding Rings

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  • Published : May 25, 2010
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Token of Love- the shiny “pricey” little thing
Wedding Ring
Culture is a way of life. It is something that refers to the expressive side of human life. It can be an object, a behavior, a symbol, interpretation or belief. Culture is that invisible bond that ties people of certain community together. It is a system of knowledge shared by a relatively large group of people. It is an accumulated experience which is socially transmitted. Culture consists of patterns and is passed from generation to generation. Culture is important because it gives an individual a unique identity. It shapes the personality of community and gives them its characters of their own. Culture is an integral part of living. It is learned and passed from one generation to another. As I said, culture can be a symbol like language, art, or religion and those cultural values are transferred between generations. “Culture is seen as a system of social control, wherein people shape their standards and behavior.” (Unknown). Cultural object is “a socially meaningful expression that is audible, visible, tangible, or can be articulated” (Griswold, 2008). As we said in class, a cultural object tells a story in many different ways. We are analyzing cultural objects to find out what our cultural object can tell us about our culture and society. It is difficult to make claims about culture as a whole but is not impossible. When analyzing cultural object we need to focus on the society “the world around” the object not just the object itself. Different people have different opinions and views about everything so when analyzing a cultural object it is very important to look at the things around it too. I have chosen a wedding ring as my cultural object for many reasons. First of all, I’m married and I have one, second I’m from Europe (Poland) and over there people wear their wedding rings on their right hand finger. In United Stated people wear their wedding ring on left hand finger so people were constantly asking me why I am wearing my wedding ring on my right hand finger instead left one. I wear my wedding band on my left hand finger now, because I was tired of explaining people why it is on my right hand finger. Sometimes they asked me more detailed questions and I was really tired of explaining it to everyone, especially when I worked in small boutique with women’s clothes and those ladies loved to talk and ask questions about everything. When I had to pick a cultural object I chose wedding ring so I could do some research about it. I’m really curious about the history of wedding rings. When I began searching for information I found out that it is very difficult to find information about history of wedding rings. There is so many websites that give different information and not really the one I need. But the more I couldn’t find anything the more I wanted to know about history of wedding rings. Fortunately books became very helpful. Other people should think that this cultural object is interesting because wedding ring is something that every married person owns. Wedding ring means different things to everybody. It is very “pricey” item but does the price really express the love? Some people say it does other that it doesn’t. Wedding ring is very interesting object overall. It means different things to different people. For some people it symbolize love for others divorce. In this paper I will analyze wedding ring. My paper will be divided into three sections. First I will analyze the cultural creator. Although, I can’t provide a name of the person who came to the idea to create wedding ring, but I will talk about the first people who owned wedding rings and how the culture and tradition of wearing them changed over time. It is impossible for me to give a name of the creator because the first wedding rings traditions came from 2800 B.C. but I will talk about the history of wedding rings since 2800 B.C. to present and how they are viewed in United States. In...
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