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SWOT Analysis

The following SWOT analysis is for a Circle the Date wedding planning. The business will be located in The firm will operate primarily operate in t. The firm will plan the entire wedding including catering, cakes and all other aspects of the wedding. Customers who choose to get married according to there traditions will be able to plan the wedding with Circle the Date. Strengths:

1.Low Profile Industry:
Industry is not viewed as competitive one. Being a virgin industry, this is the time to enter into the market. 2.Easy to go global
There is every opportunity for the company to grow globally within a short period of time as the wedding industry is an expanding market. Weaknesses:
1.Services abroad
The main area of focus for the business is planning the weddings. Normally people prefer to have the weddings arranged not only in America but also in exotic locations dispersed in different countries that leave the limitation of offering a wedding package only domestically and not overseas act as a weakness for the firm. 2.Range of services provided

Undertaking to provide all services for a wedding will be a great strain on the resources of the company in terms of man power required. In the initial stages, we may find it difficult to extend quality service to the customers, which is a definite weakness. 3. Belief of people

Weddings by nature are very delicate ceremonies that involve different beliefs for different groups of people. It is quite possible that the people may not prefer to employ the services of a planner. 4.No market Information:

Being relatively new there is no in-depth market information available to base the decisions. 5.No Brand Recognition
It would take a long time to establish a brand image in the market, as there will be only sporadic use of the services. Opportunities:
1.Scope for growth
Having started out as a wedding planning business, there is great scope for growth and diversification into other sectors....
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