Wedding Day

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My Wedding Day & Reception
After counting down the long, excruciating days until I will be married to my childhood sweetheart it finally happened; the day I made a lifelong commitment to my husband. Nothing compares to my special day that required a lot of hard work and preparation. To some people they may say I was a little too excited but that day nothing could make me feel any less. My wedding consisted of not only my wedding day but the preparation and the reception that followed after the wedding. Who were to think my wedding was going to be as memorable as it was?

It was 6:30am on a gorgeous Saturday morning on May 19, 2012. The birds were chirping, and the sunlight was barely sneaking a peek into my bedroom. The sky seemed bright for it to have been so early, with white puffy clouds moving fiercely. Suddenly, I awoke to the yelling and jumping on my bed of my bridesmaids and mother-in-law. I already knew there was no point in trying to roll over and finish the dream I was having before they interrupted. So, instead of trying to win an argument of the bride needing her beauty sleep that I obviously wasn’t going to win I got up and smiled a huge smile realizing today was MY day.

After eating a great breakfast that was prepared for me from the bridesmaids we all decided it was time to get dressed and head to the salon to get the final touchups on our hair. The car ride over to the salon seemed like it lasted forever. The whole ride over we discussed what needed to be done, and called and made final orders for the reception. I started applying my makeup as others applied bobby-pins, scrunches, and a lavishing, decorative hair pieces into my hair. Soon after everything was done we placed the veil onto my head and I looked in the mirror stunned at what was looking back at me. I saw a beautiful young woman starring back at me, and I got emotional. Everything was happening so fast and I realized this is the day of a new beginning. After getting all...
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