Wedding Dance

Topics: Marriage, Emotion, The Culture Pages: 1 (466 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Wedding Dance by Amador T. Daguio a story about the couple didn’t bless a child by Kabunyan—Awiyao and Lumnay. “Seven harvests! Before that period a couple must blessed a child starts when they get married. If they did not bless a child they must find another partner to be their new husband or wife and make a child”. That was the tradition of the tribe where Awiyao and Lumnay belong. And in looking for new husband or wife there will be a dance ritual or a wedding dance. And also because in that tradition where every happenings in the story united or circulate. Awiyao and Lumnay a couple and experience the condition of their tribe. Their hearts against in that tradition but they don’t have any choice they must follow it, even if it is hard in both of them and also there comes a point that Lumnay wants to end her life. It changes their life. First that they must do is to let go of each other. Letting go of the one you love was really hard and painful. It is like pencil that forces to detach the eraser on it and causing in incomplete image or usage. But I think the love in each other made stronger and never be break. The tradition may follow but the feeling of the heart will remain. The promises will prove that they really love each other. When Awiyao fail to have a child for the second time, he will go back to Lumnay and they will end their life together. True love cannot really break easily. How magical the real love is. The conflict of the story is between culture and nature. Awiyao follow the culture. . “Lumnay, if I did this it is because of my need for a child. You know that life is not worth living without a child. The men have mocked me behind my back. ...” Awiyao was concerned with what people would think about him. He was worried that his being a man might be questioned because of Awiyao and Lumnay’s failed effort to have a child. He decided to follow the culture of his tribe rather than what he really wanted. On the other hand, Lumnay was questioning...
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