Wedding Dance

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Epic Smile
Time slows; 
then stops.
You have an epic smile, 
shining brightly to challenge the sun.

You laugh with your soul, 
eyes sparkling in the light.
You have an epic smile, 
one I will never forget.

My heart leaps at your voice, 
a smile shattering the gloom of life.
You have an epic smile, 
brighter than a thousand suns.

I will think of you often, 
though truthfully I already do.
You have an epic smile, my muse, 
one that will always be with me.

By: Brian Hinckley

(Metrical Tale)
A love like mine
I never understood the fatal brutality of life when it came down to. I figured that it’s a course that everyone goes thru. Not the words that are spoken or the soft song that is sung...But the fear of letting go of a love like mine. The tears may fall and the feeling will boil but a love like mine can never be spoiled...I’m a woman with respect and honorable joy. A love like mine can never be played with like an old broken toy. I’m a chick from the ghetto and a love from the country I’m here to tell you being in love is good for your health ...Don’t over do it make sure its right because a love like mine would never go on strike. I’m classy, sassy, never have never been called nasty...The love from a women’s heart is most adored and never broken apart. Times we shared doing you right the times you should adore by making love right. I’m going to close this of saying a love like mine isn’t a love like yours we all love different so how do you love?

By: Talema Lawrence

Africa Child
Born in distress to parents of stress
Raised careless, trained fearless
Anything can happen, every road is cursed
Behold, be strong, be bold we are told or you be next
Our world is the fit survives quest
No plans, no dreams, no ambitions to be best
It’s a war zone, we are pests*
Hated and slaved but doomed not to protest
One day God will put us through the tests
Maybe then Africa Child may grow tired and wild

Wild to tear apart what and who keeps his head low
Wild to tear apart with his arrow and bow
Wild to tear apart his worry and foe
Never regretting never willing to let go
But must let go for this world is not a hell hole
For two wrongs do not make the right glow
Our forgiveness makes our goodness flow
Our world the world. The world our world. More of it we must know To assimilate ways to love to bond and to grow
Someday then Africa child may go with nature's tide and be less vile

A tide so full of virtue and loving kindness
A tide so pure of good intentions and Godly brightness
A tide so enjoying and satisfying it’s priceless
A tide to yearn to witness with kindred and mistress
A tide of guiltlessness and fearlessness
Come aboard Africa Child lets liberate to the heavens
Where we are assured of new beginnings
Free from our programmed teachings
And open to become new beings
Surely there African Child may live true life and be the true vine

By: Tekpor Raxzi

Forbidden Forest
With a door crowned with fragile tapeline

Which can be open with horrific biro key

Full of dreadful existing suspense

Coyly smiling to cities

Like a chameleon in the garden of colorful roses

A yard with fruit of saddened joy

Leading saint to the county of chaos

With a bridge that doesn’t reject foots

How I wish you never knock at my villa

So to live in there with righteous heart

You presence

Unveil sudden timing eternity

What a wish I wouldn’t have dreamt forbidden forest.

By: Odesola Akintunde


Beauty is liberal as the heavenly air,
Beauty is boundless as the universe:

The waves of evil ponderously immerse
The pearl of good; beauty is everywhere.

Beauty is a devout a deep despair;
Hopes that with heaven's highest stars converse:

The poisonous blossom of a devil's curse;
The first and last word of an angel's prayer.

Creation and destruction at thy beck
Call love and lust: through battle's bloody...
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