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Team:| WebWorks|
Team Members:| Laura Gary, Adam Smith, Mike twomey, and Julia Anderson.| Date:| 08/18/2011|
Project Title:| Visual Echoes Website|
Team Leader:| Laura Gary|

Problem Statement
Our problem as we know it is that our client wants to start a web site for his camera shop he already has. Our client’s camera shop offer unique products, often the only ones made to fit the needs of his customers in the field. Our client makes products for nature serious wildlife and bird photographers. Our client needs to have information about his products available on the internet. It will be good to have a sales portal but our primary sales are worldwide distributors that are already in place. Our client wants informational content to help customer’s find and use our products. To help people select and use products and to find dealers. Our problem is actually an opportunity to create and provide an excellent e-commerce solution to fit our client needs and boost his sales and profitability.

Project Scope
This project will need to have a web site with a user interface that will allow his customers to obtain information, view the products, and order locally or from one of his distributer worldwide. The project will use a credited hosting service provider to handle our database and billing portion. We will create a website that allows the administrator (our client) to update his information from the user manual we will create and provide. There will be a registration page that allows our clients customers to register and create an user account as well as a customer history log for the client’s use. Project Guidelines and Standards

Define the standards and guidelines your team will use to ensure consistent naming, version control, etc. Requirements
After the Problem Statement and Initial Scope is determined, the Detailed Discovery process can begin. The process of discovery in System Analysis requires the team and the system users (the...
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